Lose Belly Fat Fast


Shed, tone, maintain, and get a flatter tummy in just a week without going to the gym. In this article, I’m going to share with you the Top 4 tips to getting a flatter tummy in a week, without even needing to hit the gym and with each consecutive tip, I’m going to intensify your potential results. But don’t just read […]

Lose Fat Fast—Six Reasons Why You Don’t

Lose fat fast with Jason's simple advice.

You’re tired now. Your tried-and-tested thirty-minute run after a weights session isn’t helping you lose fat fast anymore, and you aren’t getting the ‘high’ from it either. Your time isn’t improving either in relation to the distance you’re doing for your cardio session. You’ve hit a plateau. For more tips & advice from Jason Cruz, […]

3 Reasons Why You’re Not Burning Fat


Losing weight can be extremely frustrating at times. You curb your eating habits, make sacrifices on a daily basis but somehow seem to be struggling to lose weight. If you are putting the effort in to lose weight the least you want to see are some results. Without seeing results your motivation can take a […]

3 Ab Exercises To Get You 6 Pack Abs for Summer


Get Your 10 FREE Video Coaching Lessons to Shred Your Abs The video features 3 innovative, effective exercises to shape and tone your abdominal muscles. To get your abdominal muscles into that 6-pack shape, you could do any or all of these exercises: cable ab crunch, hanging full leg raise, and lower ab crunch on […]

Get Ripped 6 Pack Abs in Time for Summer

—> Test Drive YourSixPackQuest.com Program for $19.95 <—   Summer is here and like me, you’ve probably already booked your Summer vacation somewhere exotic, sunny and teeming with sexy ladies in skimpy bikinis… Question is, are you beach-worthy? Listen up and watch this vid – you get to hear the advice of Sukru, a fitness […]

Weird 6 Pack Abdominal Exercise (Video)

Notice how he's NOT just hanging there - his arms are getting worked, too!

-> Test Drive YourSixPackQuest.com Program for $19.95 <-   Bored of the usual ab exercises and want something much more challenging and bizarre? Check out this video! This video shows 2 versions of a weird exercise that can help you shape and tone your ab muscles (very helpful if you’re trying to look fit, ripped and […]

Speed Up Your Metabolism: 8 Secrets to Increased Metabolic Rate

Foods That Burn Fat e-book

Your metabolic rate is determined to a degree by your genetics, body type and gender. You probably know someone who constantly overeat but remain stick-thin, or someone who watches what they eat carefully but still have trouble losing weight. If you’re more of the latter, the good news is that there are many ways you can speed up your metabolism. You simply need to make some changes on 3 things: your lifestyle, your diet and your activity level. To make those changes simpler, here’s a list of things you can implement that will speed up your metabolism. Prepare to throw your metabolism into overdrive!

How To Lose Your Loose Love Handles For Good

Ab exercises alone won't work

Out of desperation to loose love handles, many people resort to quick fixes like diet pills or even liposuction. It’s amazing how many people still fall for these scams. QUICK FIXES DONT WORK! Not for the long term and not without unhealthy consequences anyway!
So here I’m putting the low-down on how to effectively lose your loose love handles safely and permanently.